We are a team of Romans and foreigners living in the Eternal City, conducting our research the old-fashioned way: mixing with locals, meeting entrepreneurs and dining with chefs to gather their tips on the best places to visit. We're always walking, tasting and sipping, peeking over walls and peering down alleyways, all to keep our insider knowledge fresh and up-to-date.

Our on-the-ground research turns into a compact pocket guide with recommendations to keep you exploring for weeks. Easy to use, G L O C A L I S T provides an indexed map of shops, bars, restaurants, cafés, galleries, museums, parks, churches and cultural places, each one hand-selected for quality and authenticity.

Designed for those who love to discover new places in style, G L O C A L I S T is an essential tool for the smart traveller. The map is hand-delivered to over two thousand private accommodations including holiday homes, luxury suites and boutique hotels selected within the Capital. You can find locations to pick up a copy at the link above.

From fashion to food, traditional crafts to art galleries, ultimate design to the trendiest places and events of the moment, G L O C A L I S T is the only English-language guide that sidesteps the obvious and gives explorers a peak under the curtain of the real Rome. 

Divided into four macro areas (gastronomy, clothing & accessories, services and design & art), G L O C A L I S T is the only guide of Rome that provides an authentic selection of chic places characterised by nuance and style.

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You can also download our free app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. We've included some updated features and surprises to make your experience in Rome unforgettable.