We are a team of romans and foreigners that live in Rome and research the city, old-fashiones way: asking friends, acquaintances, local entrepreneurs, chefs for theirs tips and walking all the time, tasting, sipping and peering into doorways and down alleys.

We turn that research into a compact guide pocket with enough suggestions to keep you entertained, and easy to use, with a list of shops, bars, restaurants, cafès, galleries, museus, parks, churches and cultural places, each one carefully described.

G L O C A L I S T is the only free, practical and quick reference guide of Rome, that combines "global" and "local", modernity and tradition.

Designed for those who love to travel in style, it is hand-delivered in over one thousand private accommodations selected within the Capital.

An essential tool for the smart traveler, who can easily walk through evocative corners and beautiful monuments, discovering the magnificence of the Eternal City.

From fashion to food, from traditional crafts to art galleries, from ultimate design to the trendiest places and events of the moment, G L O C A L I S T is the only - english guide designed to satisfy the increasingly demanding international quality tourism. 

Divided into four macro areas (gastronomy, clothing & accessories,  services and design & art), G L O C A L I S T is the only guide of rome that provides an accurate selection of places of magnificence characterized by quality and style.

Thousands of printed maps annualy delivered for free, in more than 2,000 tourist accommodations, including holiday homes, luxury suites and boutique hotels.

A web site and blog with the possibility of download and view all the city guides in high quality. And a comprehensive information. And the and the new next mobile App that is coming with many surprises and helpful friendly tools for our users. Will be available the digital edition on iOS and Android, free of charge.