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Via della Reginella, 121, Rome
+39 06 687 3714
+39 06 581 1108
A background between engineering and the world of fashion and the desire to dare, to surprise and to shuffle the cards: this is how Marta Ray is born, a brand that synthesizes and enhances Marta Ratajczak's competence, passion and energy in his creations. Marta Ray follows the ideas of her designer: she experiences, improves, seeks excellence; He thinks out of the schemes by giving places and objects a new and different meaning to what they were destined. The creative excitement and the accurate design of each accessory make Marta Ray products of the objects Unique, cared for in every detail: thought for special moments, perfect to accompany you in everyday life. Hand made The production of Marta Ray creations is animated by the will to leave nothing to chance. The designer personally follows each stage of production - from drawings through selection of raw materials to production. The skin used in the creations is carefully selected in the most important Italian honeycomb districts: every workmanship and every type of skin allows to create a unique product of its own, with its own and not replicable details. The Italian tradition of leather craftsmanship is geared to meticulous attention to detail and continuous research of innovative and functional design. These are the ingredients that make Marta Ray's collections an example of excellence in fashion design. The Showroom Marta Ray is waiting for you at the showrooms in Rome, in Trastevere, in the Ghetto and near to Piazza Navona; perfect location to enhance clean design, soft and natural lines and the incredible quality of its creations. The showroom Marta Ray, in a warm and welcoming environment, is surprising by the choice of furnishings and accessories for each and every one is reinvented into a new, perfect destination. Small wooden furnishings display footwear and accessories, sturdy chains naturally support bags and gloves and a soft light path accompanying the customer's step to discovering a natural style choice.

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